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There's no point beating around the bush – I fell for this show in a big way!
- Howard Kissel, Daily News

Too good to be true! Its terrific! The cast is plain wonderful. The book is as tight and absorbing as an Arthur Miller play. JERSEY BOYS a show dynamically alive in music while, as a drama, it catches the very texture, almost the actual smell, of its time.
- Clive Barnes, New York Post

The Four Seasons infectiously energetic 1960s tunes as they were intended to be performed! The music sounds as good as it ever did (and sometimes – blasphemy! – even better). The audience responds to the actors as though they are The Four Seasons themselves. As each of these men – cleancut singers with rough-hewn pasts – tells his side of their history, it becomes clear that this is a show for all Seasons!
- Adam Feldman, Time Out New York

Boy, do we have a show to remember!
A terrific story and performances so good, you will really think youve gone to heaven. Everyone in the cast are truly sensational. Hopefully, you already have your tickets. If you dont, you can always find a friendly scalper. JERSEY BOYS is wonderful and quite frankly, as one of their greatest songs tell us, its just too good to be true.
- David Richardson, WOR-AM Radio

One emotional crescendo after another and some of the most infectious pop music ever written. The cast is terrific. The show hums with energy.
- Jess Cagle, WCBS-TV/People Magazine

The crowd goes wild.
Im talking about the real crowd at the August Wilson Theatre, who seem to have forgotten what year it is or how old they are or, most important, that John Lloyd Young is not Frankie Valli. And everything that had led up to that curtain call feels as real and vivid as the sting of your hands clapping together.
- Ben Brantley, The New York Times

Oh, what a fantastic night you'll have!
A phenomenal hit, with more show-stopping hit songs than any new show on Broadway. Its impossible not to love JERSEY BOYS and this amazing cast. A spectacular, behind-the-scenes tell-all pop musical.
- Pat Collins, UPN 9 TV

The energy is unstoppable!
When it sings and moves, this musical biography of pop icons Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons really rocks. The amazing John Lloyd Young does more than impersonate Valli. He lives, breathes and sings the man.
- Michael Kuchwara, Associated press

A can't-stop-the-music tidal wave!
Love classic rock n roll? Enjoy juicy behind-the-music true stories? Then without a doubt, JERSEY BOYS is a hot new Broadway show for you. A fast-moving script electrified by most of the groups greatest hits. Energetically weaving story, songs, visuals and exciting performances, director Des McAnuff stages a compelling rush of events that pauses only occasionally to savor the beauty of the songs.
- Michael Sommers, The Star-Leger

Intensely satisfying!
Shrewdly penned by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice, JERSEY BOYS makes the behind-the-music tale dramatically compelling because its framed as a desperate collective quest to get out of a bluecollar, mobbed-up neighborhood that, ultimately, no one can ever leave. Des McAnuff injects so much tension and hyper-realism into the show that you dont ever want to look away. JERSEY BOYS makes every single hit number fill some kind of aching dramatic void.
- Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

Oh what a night!
Fast-moving, musically exuberant and very funny. When the songs are presented, they mean something on their own as creations of four men whom weve come to know. The groups performance, finally, of its first hit, Sherry, is a euphoric moment of triumph, and theres an energy that surges through the theatre.
- Robert Feldberg, The Record

The biggest hit on Broadway!
Contagious, spectacular fun. I have not been to a Broadway show in years where, after a number, the audience stood up and cheered so much that the cast had to almost get out of character and acknowledge it. Everyone in that audience has the time of their life. The only word to describe this is alive. And thats how youre going to feel when you see it.
- Joan Hamburg, WOR-AM Radio

It should run for about 20 years.
The songs – and you may be amazed to realize how many hits there were – are all flawlessly delivered. It's the music that counts, and it's sheer joy.
- Jacques le Sourd, The Journal News

It all starts and ends with the book, and this one by Marshall Brickman and Rick Elice is a winner. Its the funny, original and moving way this story is told that makes it stand out. The versatile ensemble is first rate. JERSEY BOYS works because its collaborators –those both on- and off-stage – found themselves in perfect harmony.
- Roma Torre, NY1 News

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